About Lee Ann

Hey, Y’all, I’m Lee Ann and thanks for stopping by! 

 During a solo trip to Scotland in 2016, I tasted Scotch for the first time. The Scots call it whisky but their whisky was NOTHING like I had remembered whiskey to be. (Think Old Crow, Seagram’s 7 and Jack Daniels) I could not believe how different it was – and delicious!
I had to know more which led me to the fountains of all knowledge: YouTube and Google. There I found wonderful resources and information on the chemistry, processes, flavor profiles and nuances of this Aquavitae – water of life.  Best of all, I found some really great people who shared my interest in Scotch, making this journey much more special. 
Now, I want to share this experience with you and along the way, we’ll take a virtual Louisiana swamp tour.  My husband, Mark, and I enjoy time at our camp located in the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area, west of Baton Rouge. Even with the mosquitoes we find it’s the perfect place to simply relax, fish, and count the geckos crawling across the front porch screen.  Our two Catahoulas (the Louisiana State Dog – look it up), Tula and Angelle, love that swamp life, too, but tend to occupy the camp’s sofa all day. 
Now, let’s go have some fun. Slàinte, Y’all!