DIY Nosing Kit for Scotch Whisky

How to Train Your Brain to Name the Aromas from Scotch Whisky  

Nosing (smelling a glass of whisky) is a major part of experiencing a whisky. But making the connection between the smell and the name of that smell can be tricky, if not downright frustrating.

Identifying aromas takes practice. A nosing kit is a great way to get your smeller to detect a specific aroma. A nosing kit can help train your brain to pick up the aromas from your next dram. And I’m going to show you how to make your own nosing kit – DIY style.



Islay Scotch and Oysters

Cooking with Scotch Whisky – Smokey Oven-broiled Oysters  

Louisiana is the epicenter of some of the best food in the world. Our rich waters and fertile lands yield bountiful resources for delectable creations.

One of my favorite Louisiana dishes is the Char-grilled Oysters at Drago’s in Metairie (a suburb of New Orleans). Loaded with butter, garlic and Parmesan cheese, these oysters are the epitome of Louisiana cuisine. Veteran cooks hand shuck and char-grill these salty gems in front of your eyes at the restaurant’s oyster bar.  Lightly toasted French bread sits alongside to soak up all that buttery goodness left behind in the shell. Hungry yet?

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to add a bit of Islay single malt – to infuse some peaty, smokey flavors to compliment the brine of the oyster. Next time I go to Drago’s I’ll be sure to take a pipette and order a dram. But I’m impatient so this calls for an experiment.



Luck and Lagniappe

A Quick Look at my Week at The Islay Whisky Academy 2019   

I’ll be the first to admit I live a charmed life. Fortunate. Blessed. Lucky. I’m thankful for my supportive and loving husband, dear family, sweet dogs, crazy friends, a fulfilling job, and safe and comfortable home.

But I also believe we make our own luck. To do that, one must take a chance or calculated risk, often against heavy odds.  When I submitted my essay for a competition to win a week at The Islay Whisky Academy, I didn’t get my hopes up, especially after finding out there were 80 other applicants. But by at least trying – taking the risk, I had a shot.


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Lee Ann Meets the Scotch4Dummies Guys

From the Bayou to the Basement

Have I told you about the time I flew to Indianapolis to drink great scotch with four guys – well, actually five guys – in a basement bar and was a guest on their live YouTube show? Well, true story… Here’s how I went from the Bayou to the Basement to finally meet those fantastic guys known as Scotch 4 Dummies.