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Knockdhu – AnCnoc 12

A Complex Hive of Sweet and Spicy

What comes to mind when you hear the term “complex whisky?” I’ve heard some whisky folks describe a scotch as “complex” only if it has a litany of strong “in your face” layers from different flavor profiles. One person even told me only heavily peated whiskies or sherry bombs could be considered complex and that a “plain Highland whisky could never rank as a complex expression.” I just smiled and told him that I absolutely disagreed.

Fact: there are complex whiskies from each region, including this Highland malt – AnCnoc 12.

Complex is not necessarily complicated.
The word “complex” is defined as “consisting of many different and connected parts.” Two key words: different and connected. A complex whisky is multi-faceted with different layers of flavor or texture. Those flavors connect from one to another. And when it is done right, it is a real treat.

The difference between complex and complicated is organization and design. Think of the whiskies you have had that were all over the place: the nose was off from what was found on the palate and the finish made no sense. Contrast that with a well-balanced and multi-dimensional whisky that made a natural progression from one place  to end somewhere else. This whisky takes you on a journey. The former only confuses you.

The AnCnoc 12 is a complex dram. It demands a bit of patience so it can reveal itself to you. Give it that time. You are worth the wait to experience its brilliance.

AnCnoc 12’s Oily Legs Cling to the Glass

Distillery: Knockdhu (nock-due)
Expression: AnCnoc 12 (a-nock)
Origin: Highland (bordering Speyside)
ABV: 43% in USA (40% in the UK)
NCF: No – it’s Chill Filtered
Age: 12 Years
Cask: 2nd Fill American Oak, Ex-Bourbon and Ex-Sherry
Fun Fact: The Men of Knock are the six distillery operators who are world renown for their pursuit in making perfect whisky.

Sampling it neat….
Color: Light amber, oily with great legs that cling to the glass.
Nose: Waxy honey sweetness with floral notes and lemongrass.
Palate: Complex. Evolves from a light, waxy sweetness of honey to an herbal spice, then pepper.
Finish: Long. Starts at middle to back of palate then moves to the front of the tongue.

Let’s Pour a Dram…Lifting a glass of AnCnoc 12 to your nose brings a wave of honey with an overlay of earthy waxiness. Think of a chunk of honeycomb with broken bits of wax and oozing golden liquid. The scent then morphs into a light floral then a fresh lemongrass fragrance. It’s a reverse progression of a honey bee gathering nectar and pollen from flowers then storing them in her hive.

The first sip yields a light honey sweetness from the sherry and bourbon casks. It will make you think this will be an easy, sweet, and malty sipper. But hold up.  Wait for it…. yep there it is. Thai basil spice rolls in with a light, fresh and slightly citrus note. But it’s not done! The flavor of AnCnoc 12 pushes to the end with a long, peppery finish that starts in the middle to back of the palate then moves to the front of the tongue. It’s a lovely dram.

Knockdhu uses Oregon pine wooden washbacks that impart waxy notes. Local water is used and fermentation lasts 75 hours. They employ one wash and one spirit still – both of which have flat bottoms (instead of concave) with tall necks. The spirit is condensed using worm tubs. All this makes for a lighter more floral expression.

With a little water…
Alcohol flares up a bit on the nose but is still dominated by honey and herbal grass tones. The palate holds strong on sweetness with a lighter, but still lingering, pepper finish. I would expect this if the ABV were 46% or higher. It’s quite impressive that the taste holds so well with water at 43% ABV. It would be interesting to see how different the 40% ABV for the UK compares with the 43% found in the States.

Final Notes:
This whisky came to my attention from watching one of @Aqvavitae’s Recycled Review on YouTube. He spoke about it being complex and how it may not be for everyone. With a statement like that, how could I not take the challenge and find out for myself?

Roy is right. This is not a bottle for everyone. But it is definitely a bottle for me. As I work through my whisky journey and pay keen attention to what I like in a whisky, I’ve learned that patience truly is a virtue. And with the AnCnoc 12 patience is required, for yourself, to allow the whisky to evolve.

I will have a bottle of this on my bar for as long as it is available. At about $45 a bottle it is a bargain. AnCnoc 12 is a unique, intricate, and delectable dram.

Have you had this dram? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below!

Slainte, Y’all

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Please remember: These comments are just my opinion. We all have our own distinct flavor profiles. What one person loves may not be special to another. That’s beauty about the vast number of expressions – there is something for everyone. Explore and find what you like!

By the Way… Bees at the Camp

Mark and Sharon check out the health of our camp bees.

My husband, Mark, and our camp neighbor, Sharon, are keeping a hive of bees at the camp. It was quite an ordeal to relocate the hive from a working plantation while we were experiencing flood waters.

This next week, Mark and Sharon will rob the hive and harvest the summer’s honey. They will, of course, leave some for the bees. We expect to end up with about 50 pounds from the one hive. With our temperate climate, the bees are never dormant and there is always something blooming so “the girls” will have their hive filled again in no time.

Sharon’s husband, Clay, captured these great shots of our spouses checking out the health of the hive. Bees keep us alive. Treat them with respect. Their honey and a little whisky makes for a great toddy!

Lee Ann

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  1. Jessica

    Great post! Nice point about complexity. Something doesnt have to be loud and in-your-face to be complex.

    1. Lee Ann

      Thank you Jessica! Appreciate your comments and insight. Subtlety, as you pointed out on IG, can be quite complex. And I think it is even harder for a distiller to accomplish!

  2. Michael Porter

    Great post! I definitely need to grab a bottle of this and give it a go.

    Also, I love that you are dissecting the word “complex” as it relates to whisky. It’s one that gets used a lot, and I have used it, but to be honest I’d never fully broken it down like this before, and I think you’ve given us a great anchor to reference when thinking about a complex (or not) whisky vs a complicated one. Cheers!

    1. Lee Ann

      Thanks Michael! Yes, do yourself a favor and get a bottle! I’m seeking out the 16 and 24 now. And I’m such a “word nerd” that I diagram sentences for fun. LOL Appreciate your comments and insight! Slainte, friend!

  3. Skippy Van Pob (Scott)

    Hi Lee Ann. I saw you on Roy’s (Aqvavitae) vlog today and had to check out your website! I tried this whisky for the first time a couple of months ago visiting my mother and father-in-law and really enjoyed it. Picked up a bottle a few weeks ago at a really good price. Thanks for the great insight, looking forward to reading more. Slainte!

    1. Lee Ann

      Wow! Thanks Scott and sorry for the delay in responding! It was so much fun to do the show with Roy. He’s such a generous soul. So happy you came to my blog and that you enjoy the AnCnoc 12!

  4. Zach Andrews

    Lee Ann this is a wonderful dram. Your tasting notes are spot on. The subtlety of this dram is amazing. It does take patience to get the full experience but it is so worth it. Wonderful blog post!

    1. Lee Ann

      Thanks Zach! Glad you tried it and liked it.

  5. Brad Murphy

    Loving your reviews, I need to get out and try a few drams you have suggested. Keep up the great work. Slainte.

    1. Lee Ann

      Awe! Thank you Brad! I’m determined to do more bottle reviews, which of course, means I need to drink more whisky! 😉 I shall do my best!

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