Loving life with a wee dram of Scotch whisky, or two.

Welcome to Scotch on the Bayou.
In Louisiana, there is a Joie de Vivre – Joy of Life – that infuses your soul. This spirit is in our people, food, and culture – our way of life. 
Scotch on the Bayou shares a glimpse of swampy South Louisiana and my personal whisky journey. 
Let’s have a nice dram together and visit.
Slàinte, Y’all – Lee Ann


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Is there redemption for a whisky that just didn’t do it for you at the first taste? That initial sip may be unexpected or disappointing. Do you write it off as bad or allow yourself and the whisky another chance for another day?

True story… Here’s how I went from the Bayou to the Basement to finally meet those fantastic guys known as the Scotch 4 Dummies.

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